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2018 Xingtai Badminton Tournament - Shengmai Wins

2018 The second adidas cup badminton team competition in Xingtai City was successfully completed! Twenty-two excellent teams have a two-day intense and intense duel. Countless wonderful moments are still in sight!
Our "Shengmai Group Badminton Team" is also very honored to participate in this competition. At the same time, it is even more fortunate to win the "Champion" honor through the concerted efforts of all the team members of the Victory Team! Reliance on physical strength in badminton is very hard. In particular, the season will be sweaty. The players on the field will be “sweat-sweeping” and they will not be able to take a rest for a while. They will seize the time to discuss the winning of the “strategic” team game in the next round. In addition to the personal skills of the excellent and then the tacit understanding between the groups, there is no doubt that the strength and tacit understanding of our team is the No.1
Thanks to all the partners for the hard work and hard work of the Victory Team's honor! !

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At the same time, we thank all the units hosting the competition and the sponsors for providing us with a platform for exchange and learning for these badminton fans... Badminton is a healthy and meaningful sports program. I hope more people can experience it. The happiness brought to us by badminton activities and the continuous development of badminton sports through the efforts of everyone!
"King champion champion team" only "Shengmai group" elite team, is willing to continue this wonderful, looking forward to more "badminton lovers" to our attention!!

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