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358 Anti Climb Fence With Razor Wire Type

358 Anti Climb Fence With Razor Wire Type is one of our hot sell products .It is a kind of 358 security fence.

358 security fence is made of rectangular opening welded mesh with finger proof aperture. The 358 mesh has an opening of 3 inch in length, 0.5 inch in height and the wire gauge applied is BWG 8. 358 Mesh gets its name from above numbers (3, 0.5 and 8) applied for designing this welded mesh. Calculated in millimeter, the size of the weld wire mesh opening will be 76.2mm in length x 12.7mm in height x 4mm (wire diameter).

358 Anti Climb Fence With Razor Wire Type
Name 358 Anti Climb Fence With Razor Wire Type
Type Bending Fence, Frame Fence, Euro Fence, Double-lap Fence, Double-edge Wire Fence,etc.
Material low carbon steel Q235, Q195,BTO Razor Wire,Gal. barb Wire
Process welded,PVC
Surface Treatment electro galvanized, hot dip galvanized, pvc dip, pvc spray
Color white, green, dark green, grass green, black, blue,
Normal size of the panel (m) 1.5mx2.5m, 1.7mx2.5m, 1.8mx2.5m, 1.8mx3m, 2mx3m
Wire Diameter (mm) 2.5- 6.0, popular use 3.0, 3.2, 3.5, 3.8, 4.0
Mesh Opening (mm) 25x75,150x300, popular use 50x100, 75x150, 50x200, 60x150

358 Anti Climb Fence With Razor Wire Type
From above data, 358 mesh is a strong security screen combined with a thick wire diameter of 4mm, and a small opening in height. This design provides a barrier that is difficult to climb or penetrate. The closely arranged wires are welded to form an anti-climbing mesh panels. The hole height is only 12.7mm which is totally impossible for fingers to catch and difficult for tools to conduct holding or cut. Almost impossible to cut wires by use of conventional bolt or wire cutters. With the anti-climbing and anti-cutting and finger-proof features, 358 mesh makes ideal security fencing for bridge guarding, prison security fencing, electrical sub-station fencing, gas pipeline security fence as well as safety barrier for those sites and facilities of public health and public safety. The security level can be enhanced with using of razor wire concertina spirals on the 358 weld mesh fence panels.

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