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Award Ceremony For Welded Mesh Fence Manufacturers

Shengmai is a professional welded mesh fence manufacturer.Fleeting in 2017, At the end of the fourth quarter, Shengmai Group in the last quarter of the year awards ceremony is lively. In the quarter, sales were the highest in the year with almost everyone receiving honors and Bonuses, year-long efforts also rely on today's precipitation .... Harvest awards, comments, share experiences, lack of summary ... We have such a ritual on every special day, there is no progress without progress and growth; May every step of life be able to see the joyous harvest after hard work.

welded mesh fence
The fourth quarter to get the highest award is Sarah Zhou annual sales of 8000000, compared with last year's overall performance increased by 30%, the sales base is relatively high and progress is relatively large; also worthy of praise Cathy Shi and Aney Cao, Catherine Zhang Compared with Sarah Zhou Their sales last year, although the base is relatively low, but today a 50% increase in sales compared to last year, is also very much to be sure; everyone in the sharing ceremony, everyone is confident that everyone set himself a goal And tasks, I believe 2018 must have a greater improvement than in 2017!
You are good,SEMAI Group will be good, I hope everyone 2018 harvest full success!

Shengmai Construction Material

The good incentive policy of Shengmai is encouraging people to be more active and more conscientious to create higher quality welded mesh fence,crowd control barrier and better service to customers. We expect 2018 to go along with you.

Shengmai Construction Material

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