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Barbed wire fence good development momentum

Hebei Shengmai Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is located in "China's silk screen town" - Anping, is a commitment to the production of metal fence, barbed wire fence, the US grid fence, frame fence, workshop fence, isolation network, railway fence , Thorn rope cage and other products manufacturer. The company has advanced plumbing production line automatic welded wire mesh units more than auxiliary equipment, production of highways, railways, airports, municipal, garden and other fence and PVC welded wire mesh, brick network, floor heating network and other products.
In recent years, with the rapid development of domestic highway construction, security fence market continues to expand. Manufacturers of the product performance, technical parameters, production process in the continuous progress, fence barbed wire is also widely used.
I was too early to usually use paint protection, and later gradually use the form of hot dip zinc, is still a large number of widely used hot way of protection. Fence is a large-scale long-term facilities for outdoor use, the choice of the protection system for different atmospheric environment to choose a different protection system. The new national standard GB / T18226-2000 "highway traffic engineering steel components anti-corrosion technical conditions", the protection products are divided into four categories: galvanized, aluminum, galvanized (aluminum) after the plastic coating. In rural areas and heavily polluted areas, separate hot dip zinc protection or separate spray protection panels can be used. In the heavy industrial area or coastal city area, especially in acid rain areas, ordinary hot-dip zinc or sprayed single-coat protective barrier to the useful life of the barrier may be ineffective, resulting in greatly increased maintenance costs of the fence. For hot-dip aluminum fence, its corrosion resistance than ordinary hot-dip zinc fence rails, but its technology, technology, cost and environmental impact and other reasons, the scope of application is not very wide. The use of hot-dip aluminum + spray protection system, relative to the hot dip zinc + spray protection system is an uneconomical method. The use of galvanized sheet + spray double protection system, in heavily polluted areas, especially acid rain areas to achieve better anti-corrosion effect, the use of life greatly extended, the most durable protection methods.
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