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Cambodia Barbed wire product delivery

August 21, 2017 Cambodian barbed wire product delivery !! This is a very good buyer, from the negotiations to the single only half a month's time, thanks to the trust of customers, such a short time in cooperation To reach a consensus understanding of the agreement; the first container under the order of 3 days, the customer orders for the second cabinet just came over, because the recent raw material has been price increases, and with salesman Lydia and customer communication is very So that in the first order is not produced at the same time, has been so that customers fully trust the second container orders can not wait to pay the advance payment arrangements for production;

Enhance the clerk's business ability and communication skills in order to better control the big buyers, a foreign trade enterprises in order to long-term development must have several large foreign buyers, and large buyers of the problem certainly Especially more than just the quality of the product is better, the delivery time to be on time .... also need to cooperate between the factory and the clerk to do the product to do beautiful, coupled with the clerk of the perfect communication ability will be able to And these large buyers to maintain long-term understanding of the cooperation;
I believe that the victory of the Group's foreign trade team cohesion, will certainly better serve the buyers at home and abroad, So that their procurement easier and more perfect; to all domestic and foreign buyers - choose to win the group to choose a success;
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