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China Anti Climb Fence Factory

Shengmai is a professional China Anti Climb Fence factory.

Highway fence
The highway guardrail net is the most important traffic infrastructure. The highway in China developed from 80s. It plays an important role in the development of the national economy and the society. Highway guardrail net is an important maintenance and safety guarantee facility for expressways.

Railway guardrail fence

Railway guardrail is an important transportation infrastructure, and its safety and practicability are more stringent on request. The columns are divided into galvanized steel pipe, peach type column, swallow tail column and C type steel. The mesh is divided into plastic steel wire mesh, PVC plastic welding network, hook net, steel plate net and punching net. The main structure is that the vertical column and the frame are connected through the connecting parts, and the mesh can be connected directly with the column card, the bolt connection and the riveting of the connecting parts, and the angle can be adjusted at any time.We supply high quality welded mesh fence panels.

welded mesh fence panels

Airport Fence
The airport guardrail net is also called "Y type safety defense net", which is made up of V type support column, reinforced welding mesh, safety anti-theft connector and hot galvanized blade spiny cage with high strength and safety. In recent years, it has been widely used in high safety sites such as airports and military bases. Note: if the top of the fence of the airport is equipped with razor blade and razor blade, it will enhance the safety protection performance. It adopts electroplating, hot plating, plastic spraying, dipping and other antiseptic forms. It has good anti-aging, anti sun and weather resistance characteristics. Its products are beautiful in appearance and diverse in color. They play the role of fence and beautify the products. Because of the high safety and good anti climbing ability, the connection mode of the net is made of special SBS fastener, which can effectively prevent the man-made destructive disassembly, and the transverse four channel bending reinforcement can increase the strength of the net surface remarkably.Here are anti climb fence.

China Anti Climb Fence factory
uardrail net
The municipal guardrail network is widely used in municipal engineering, road, factory, development zone, garden square and other places of safety protection and decoration. Its products are beautiful, strong and good antiseptic. It is the first choice to beautify the urban environmental engineering. It is suitable for mass standard production, quick installation, less work, beautiful structure and good coordination with environment.
Building mesh
Application: for coal mine roof protection, tunnel, bridge construction, roadbed mesh reinforcement, construction site. The ordinary mesh is used for the construction industry as the ideal material for the new high-rise building.
Prison protection net
Also known as the prison fence or prison isolation grid, it mainly uses the combination of high strength blade gill net and ordinary protective net, which is composed of V support stand, reinforced welding mesh, security anti-theft connector and blade prill net. The gill net is a new type of protective net, which is made of sharp sharp galvanized steel sheet or stainless steel sheet, and steel wire as core wire.

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