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Do not leave part, the seventh China Star elite training camp

For a beginning,
We come from the city high-rise rural villages and towns,
For a love,
We are incumbent workers by the boss,
For a commitment,
We are committed to creating miracles.
Seven days, 48 people, solidarity, shoulder pick carry, so that a library where they stand! This is the sweat of the night and night, is the determination of the world, but also the most straightforward witness!
September 15, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, Zhangbei County, two town nine-year school, the fourth Star Star Chinese Library was successfully completed!

Shengmai Construction Material
(Huaxia Bank Zhang Jianhua and Zhangbei deputy secretary of the county, together for the completion of the library opened)

Shengmai Construction Material

(The seventh session of the China Star elite training camp squad leader An He Kui-Shengmai Chairman Group , published camp feelings)

Shengmai Construction Material
Love donation link, the donor and the school principal posed for pictures.

Shengmai Construction Material

Shengmai Construction Material
It was a ritual day, it was a memorable day. After dinner, the seventh elite training camp students in the school hall held a party party. Past school students come to power, to accept the seventh students of recognition and gratitude.
We built the library, but this is not the end, love always on the road!
We ended the day of training, but this is not the end, friendship for a long time!
Those who have struggled with the memory will inspire us,
We bid farewell to Zhang North, but this is not the end, just a start! Never forget, keep moving forward!
Love the public, we will always be on the road, Sheng Mai Group will actively participate in the road to our public welfare career bigger and stronger!

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