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High Quality Crowd Barrier Factory

Are you looking for high quality crowd control barrier factory in China?Shengmai is a good choice.Can you give me a cheap price?Yes,we can supply trade price.Can you guarantee the quality and service of the product? Of course, we will do our best to provide you with the best.

crowd controlbarricades available in 7 foot lengths by 44 inches tall that are made of steel. They are perfect for crowd control at any venue such as concerts, carnivals, volleyball tournaments, Black Friday events and much more. Crowd controlbarricades can be installed indoors or outdoors and are lightweight and free standing. Each section can interlock together easily to prevent a break in the line. Our crowd controlbarricades are very affordable, practical, and effective for crowd control, perimeter control and area delineation.

High Quality Crowd Barrier Factory

CrowdcontrolBarrier for Sporting Events
No longer are sporting event organizers and promoters focused solely on the athletes and competition, but must consider the safety of cheering fans and passers-by as well.Using steel crowd control barriers for sporting events provides exceptional spectator protection and quick installation and mobility. By interlocking the 7′barricadesend-to-end you create a barrier that’s difficult for spectators to accidentally (or intentionally)break the line.

Crowd control barrier For Spectator Safety
Interlocking steel barricades have been used asspectator crowd control since the mid-1950’s, bearing the names crowd control barriers, crowd control barricades, French barriers, mills barrier, and even bike rack. Made of 16 gauge tubular steel, our metal barricades are extremely durable, preventing deformation or failure under normal use. The spacing between rungs allow shorter spectators the ability to see through the barricade without passing through.

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High Quality Crowd Barrier Factory

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