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How To Choose High-quality Fence Products

As a professional fence supplier,we have Temporary fence for sale,Hebei ShengMai Construction Material Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, the company is a research, production, operating as one integrated foreign trade enterprises. Our quality of survival, to the credibility of development. My company's products are widely used in petroleum, water conservancy, metallurgy, construction, farming, mechanical, landscape protection and other fields are also exported to Europe, America, Asia, Africa and many countries and so on.

temporary fence
Specializing in the production chain link fence, temporary fence, T post chain link fence, stadium fence, garden fences, cattle pens, hexagonal, steel net, punching net, steel grating, and screen equipment products;
First, we look at the mesh fence is how often mesh welded by the different specifications of wire made of wire diameter and strength directly affect the quality of the mesh, in terms of the wire should be chosen by election regular manufacturers of high-quality wire rod to pull out of the finished wire; followed by the welding process or the preparation of the mesh in this area mainly to see the operational capacity and skilled technical staff and good production machinery between the mesh is generally good each point welding or the preparation can be a good connection. Some formal Fence production companies, including the use of automatic welding machine to produce, and together with the small plants by hand welding usually difficult to Yasumasa quality.
The second thing to note is: Fence frame selection, a number of regular manufacturers are angle steel and round, but in different parts of the selected angles and round should be different.

temporary fence
Third, the overall grasp of the spray process fence, in general, the product should pay attention to the overall degree of spray uniformity, there is the quality of the paint is also crucial.

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