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Outdoor training experience 2017

First of all very grateful to our boss Mr An,even daily work so much, also taking the time to expand training with us, No matter how high mountain is he was climbing with us, no matter how far the way is he always with us!Give Ann total thumb up!!With such a good boss, we must also work together and make more orders to make the group stronger and stronger.
Outdoor training experience 2017
My thoughts are as follows:
1. Ann always take us on a tour of the wild three hillsides of thyme gorge, white grass on scenic area, such as drift took us to play, ride the Malaysia, expand training, is also the opportunity to send everyone benefits, gives everyone a chance to travel, to go out and see as much, relax the mood, relieve stress.Gratitude is always for everyone.
2.10TH June on the morning of the climbs in gorge in the beginning and enjoy the beauty of the valley, side go up, don't feel tired, along the way scenery is very beautiful, we revel in the green mountain stream, flap with various POSE in the picture, but to master, all of a sudden we go somewhere like ladder, climb up is endless, we all use the prehistorical powers, even an colleagues told I want to use up, even though everyone is very tired, but no one is left behind, no one to give up, because, though very tired, still insist on climbing, adhere to encourage us, we are behind the players have been catching up, at last we climbed to the top of the hill, to appreciate the magnificent to see the mountains small.Through this mountain of climbing, a man can walk fast, but a team can go a long way.Help each other and encourage each other to reach the peak of your life.
3.10th June afternoon, 5 cars drove the mighty long we headed to the white grass, after 1.5 hours of journey we arrived at the destination, the mountain looks natural degree is high, feeling a lot of places are not developed, the path is also naturally formed, but unfortunately the mountain is too high, we climbed 1 hours to climbed 100 meters, Ann always see everyone tired and want you to go to the top of the mountain air grassland, Ann always pushed resolutely to buy tickets for the cable car, let everyone do the cable car to visit (also do sangmyung cable car but is at his own expense, Ann didn't let you out of a penny, is to let the driver to all the people to buy tickets directly, Ann always really handsome!)Everyone see Ann always good to everybody, even though the company profit is not very good now, Ann can always so generous to us, if one day our performance breakthrough, Ann will certainly be better to everybody!!!!!
4.6.11 we started to get down to business.Escaped this project let me feel very deep, this is a team project, the first test project plan ability, must be in 5 minutes to find out a reasonable plan, and to communicate to the team all the people, let everyone understand how plan implementation.This makes me think to the usual work, first of all, I want to make a work plan for everyone, and then a meeting to discuss, unified thought, let everyone clear implementation, so people know their own responsibility, can better cooperate to complete the team's overall task.Second let me experience of this project is between teams, team cohesion is very important also, if everyone is 100% responsible for this project, everyone is very strong, sense of ownership if everyone starts from oneself, not to become a part of the problem, then the whole team is perfect, there would be no problem, if everyone can bring up their constructive comments and Suggestions, to use and improve, then the team is indestructible, advancing with The Times.This also reminds me to work, I want to listen to all the constructive opinions and Suggestions to the company to work, many organizations share a single experience and experience, so as to make our team more effective, more solid!

Anyhow thanks Ann always in order to strengthen our team cohesion, this is also a lot of money, we pass the development will be more systematic, now yourself don't do the wrong part of the team will be more unity, more effective, get better performance also Ann always return!Come on, sisters!
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