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Passivated grid plate passivation treatment and design requirements

welded mesh fence panels is a kind of steel bearing with large capacity, which is made of a certain size ordinary Q235 low carbon flat steel, stainless steel, brass plate and aluminum plate by slotting (hole), plug, welding and finishing. Grid plate, product solder joints firm, uniform pitch, mesh surface formation, design aesthetic, practical, both the use of goods, but also works of art. Plug steel grating is also a kind of pressure grid grille plate products, it has a pressure welded steel grid plate high strength, corrosion, maintenance-free so the characteristics of the unique combination of precision, the structure of light and beautiful, natural harmony, elegant style Features.

welded mesh fence panels

First, galvanized steel grid plate passivation treatment introduced
The most common galvanized steel grating plate passivation method is in the concentration of about 30 grams liters, pH4.2 ^ 6.5.5. Degree 46.520C Yan Ming Cheng Na solution, the strip as the cathode to about 3.2 -6.4 Coulomb / decimeter & apos; (30-10 Coulomb / ft.). Since the polarity of the strip during the passivation treatment is closely related to the surface properties of the resulting plate, the polarity of the passivation treatment should be selected according to the desired surface properties, for example, ; Into the cathode and anode treatment combined, that is, the first half of the cathode treatment, the latter half is the anode treatment.
Second, the hot galvanized steel grid plate - isolated safety barrier principle
Isolated safety barrier: industrial field generally need to use two-wire transmission way of the distributor, such as pressure transmitter and other instruments to provide a 24V power supply, but also on the input current signal acquisition, amplification, computing , And after the anti-jamming process, and then output isolated current and voltage signals for the next secondary instrument or other instruments used.
But some special industrial scene not only need two-wire transmission, both to provide power distribution and signal isolation function, but also need to have a safe spark-type explosion-proof performance, reliably prevent the power supply and the signal between the mixed, the use of current, Voltage doubling limit circuit, the energy into the dangerous places limited to the safety quota below the special function of the distributor - safety barrier.
Isolated safety barrier, the basic detection side of the safety barrier and operating side of the two types of barrier. Detection side of the safety barrier and two-wire transmitter supporting the use of operating-side safety barrier and electrical converter or electrical valve supporting the use of. There are also types of isolated safety barriers such as signal input. As the isolation barrier with a limit pressure, current limiting, isolation and other measures, not only to prevent dangerous energy from the intrinsically safe terminal into the dangerous scene, improve the system's intrinsically safe explosion-proof performance, but also increased the system's anti-interference ability, greatly improved The reliability of the system operation. Working principle 24VDC power supply DC-AC-DC conversion, the output module circuit needs a variety of voltage.
The principle of the isolated side of the safety barrier is: the module circuit will be through the intrinsically safe energy limit circuit input current or voltage signal into 0.2-1VDC, the module into the collection, amplification, operation and anti-interference treatment, and then The transformer is tuned to output isolated current and voltage signals for later use of secondary instruments or other instruments. Module also need to output an isolated 18.5 ∽ 28.5VDC voltage, through the intrinsically safe energy limit circuit as the supply of two-wire transmitter operating voltage. The intrinsically safe energy limit circuit can limit the risk of high current or high voltage to flee the dangerous scene. The principle of isolating the safety barrier on the operating end is to isolate the 4-20mADC signal from the regulator or operator output and then output the signal of 4-20mADC. The internal energy limit circuit is used to supply the electrical converter or the electric valve positioner The Third, the galvanized steel grid design requirements 1, the designer can be based on customer requirements for product use (bearing value and installation span), from the "safety load and span and deflection relationship table" in the selection of steel grating plate related Models and specifications.
2, the design requirements for the platform walkway: in the design of steel grating plate platform for the design of the design load to bear the calculation, the deformation deflection can not be greater than the span of 1/00, platform walkway can not exceed 10mm, in addition to meet the above requirements , All platforms should meet the following requirements:
A, design load value X1.5, to ensure that will not produce permanent deformation.
B, design load value X3.0, to ensure that no fracture.
C, special load conditions under the design requirements by the supply and demand sides to negotiate.
3, for the staircase stepping board design requirements: in the design of the staircase stepping board load weight calculation, we should pay attention to the midpoint of any step plate deflection can not be greater than its span of 1/200, the maximum can not exceed 6mm, in addition to meet the above requirements, All stepping boards shall also comply with the following:
A, design load value X1.5, the steel grid plate does not produce permanent deformation.
B, the design load value X3.0, the steel grating plate will not produce fracture.
4, steel grid layout design:
A, the product should be selected according to the nominal width of the original board width, less than the original board width, the choice of the number of flat steel with the corresponding nominal width
B, the load in the direction of the two ends of the support frame on the support length of each end shall not be less than 25mm.
C, row plate gap: between the row of 5-10mm, with the adjacent structure 10mm.
D, the platform (aisle) on the minimum width of 300mm.
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