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Stainless steel welded mesh fence panels

welded mesh fence panels is flat steel in accordance with a certain spacing and cross bar arrangement, and welded into a middle with a square grid of a steel products, mainly used for ditch cover, steel platform plate, steel ladder Stepping board and so on. The bar is generally made of twisted square steel.
welded mesh fence panels is generally made of carbon steel, the appearance of hot-dip galvanized, can play a role in preventing oxidation. Can also be made of stainless steel. Grille plate with ventilation, lighting, heat, anti-skid, explosion and other properties. Grille plate surface can be red to increase the non-slip performance. Flat steel can also be used I-type flat steel production

Welding grid plate production methods are two kinds of machine pressure welding and handmade.

welded mesh fence panels

Machine pressure welding using high-voltage resistance welding machine, the robot will automatically cross the horizontal bar on the uniform arrangement of flat steel, through a strong welding power and hydraulic pressure will be welded into the flat bar bar, which can get a solid solder joints, Stability and strength of high quality steel grating. The welding process by the equipment and the impact of current and voltage matching, the general double-pole welding than the single-pole high strength, the welding process is also related to the level of raw material flat steel, flat steel width error may affect the welding strength, so that the intensity is inconsistent ; The existence of the process is the shortcomings of false welding and Weld, fake welding and Weld easy to strip off the bar. Welding process due to the rated capacity of equipment and equipment, large cross-section of the steel plate can not produce. The welding process equipment rated capacity of less than 800KVA generally can only do 4mm thickness below the flat steel grating, 1250KVA generally can do 5 ~ 6mm thickness of the flat steel grating.
Hand made steel grating pressure lock, welding, interlocking and so on. Handmade welded steel grating is the first punch in the flat steel or slot, and then put the bar into the hole spot welding, bar and flat steel will exist in the gap, cross bar and flat steel each contact point are carried out Welding, cross bar can also be spot welding. The production process is more flexible, product diversification, basically can produce a full range of steel grating, in the heavy on the advantages; due to welding all manual manual welding, easy welding is not strong, missed welding, false welding, false welding and leakage welding Reduce strength.
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