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The outdoor training experience from Yesanpo

Hot summer day, passion is like fire.With our hopes for the third grade, we began a three-day extension of training.

It was quite impressive that we didn't know how high the mountain was,when we are climbing the mountain , just as we were lost in the future.But we persevered, helped each other, and climbed to the highest point!We thank ourselves for not abandoning ourselves.Thank you for your teammates.Thanks to the well-meaning passer-by, even if there is a long road ahead, it is very difficult and tells us that we are about to reach the summit.Let me remember that in real life, we can break down the difficulties or tasks that we think are bigger, and we can face them in a positive and optimistic way.

Every time you expand, there is a timeless theme: the team.Yes, because of the team, we can go to the distance that we can't reach, reach the height that we can't reach.

The armor is a game in which everyone is a tiny but vital part of a machine.We've done our best, and our team is the most indestructible.One of the details is that the coach said that if everyone just crossed the finish line, they could come down.But many people didn't notice.So the team that was supposed to win was lost.That's the details.As we at ordinary times in the process of communication with the customers, our own thought trivial details, a disagree, but it is precisely this detail, it directly decides the success or failure of this order.
The most important thing I know about the project is that it is planned.The coach gave us time to plan, but we wasted our time on the experiment.A lot of ineffective communication.At work, too, you need to plan, otherwise you will go a lot of detours and waste a lot of time.
The other thing is that we pay attention to the rules.At work, we always say, don't make the same mistake, but we ask ourselves, do we actually do it?Once our own carelessness can cause a great loss to the enterprise.In the game, the team leader pays the bill.In real life, the boss pays.So we should be careful in every step.

After this training, we will apply the essence of it to the work, persistence, careful and earnest, to do the work honestly!

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