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The world is very small to know you really good

Bella Iranian chain link machine customer to factory inspection.The first station stationed in our foreign trade office location - Shijiazhuang, customers live in Wanda InterContinental Hotel; customers about 9 o'clock in the morning to meet the Wanda Hotel, and then drive the belt Customers to the factory to discuss new orders at the same time inspection;
Sarah Bella And Me arrives at the hotel lobby at the appointed time, when the customer is negotiating with the other manufacturers, and after that we are very friendly to invite us to sit down next to their couch, indicating that we wait a moment; Is about two very gentlemen of the Iranians; about 15 minutes around the end of the negotiations with them, we sit together and start talking about today's itinerary, and see how to arrange after the factory to play some of the details of the fight and cooperation; very frank The customer can say that the first meeting can be called a friend of the guests;
We are waiting for another customer to get things upstairs with the customer took some photos with the customer is very with us, colleagues customers also show us a more humorous side, from the photo of the customer's actions and expressions can be expressed come out;
Of course, after looking at the factory all the things are very smooth, the customer decided to return after the two machines and equipment of the deposit immediately hit; no suspense of the customer to secure the order everything is so perfect ..... actually as a good Sales staff in every time and customer communication and communication is not always in order to sell products and sell products, we can do is at the right time in a timely manner to sell our customers to customers so that we recognized the same time Our products;
Customers to go the next day when we buy the Chinese characteristics of the teapot and Pu'er tea, the customer is very satisfied; invite us to have the opportunity to go to Iran a guest;
Every time the reception customers are very touched, the world is very small, because the foreign trade of this sacred industry so that I know the different colors of different languages of international friends, in the harvest of wealth at the same time with the "world" I shook hands, broaden the field of vision grew firm Faith in love with your foreign trade trip to know you really good .....
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