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Wholesale Welded Mesh Fence Panel

Welded meshfence panels are frequently used for agricultural purposes and farming because of their durability, cost-effectiveness and protection. we supply farms with high-quality welded mesh farming panels that has been constructed with dependable, long-lasting materials that are capable of withstanding extreme environmental and weather conditions. Our welded mesh panels come in a variety of sizes and specifications suitable to different farming and agricultural purposes. Welded mesh fencing can be used for the containment of cattle, sheep and many other different types of livestock. Learn more about welded mesh panels for agricultural fencing and farming below.

Welded mesh fence panels

Wholesale Welded mesh fencing panels for cattle containment
Welded mesh farming panels are ideal for any type of cattle containment because of their sturdy construction. At Edge Wholesale, we carry both standard cattle fencing panels and heavy duty cattle fencing panels. The advantage of purchasing welded mesh panels from us is that we sell wholesale agriculture and farming supplies directly to our customers as opposed to wholesaling to retail outlets. Our customers benefit by receiving high-quality farming equipment and accessories at unbeatable prices.

Wholesale Welded mesh fence panels for horse, sheep and goat containment
Horse, sheep and goat containment on farms requires a different type of welded mesh paneling than the panels used for cattle containment. The size of the gaps in welded mesh panels for horse, sheep and goat containment are smaller than the gaps for cattle containment. Depending on the size of type of livestock in containment, we supply horse, sheep and goat welded mesh panels that range between 8ft x 52” and 16ft x 52” in size.

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Welded mesh fence panels

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