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galvanized chain link fence

Galvanized Chain Link Fence remains the favorite for residential and industrial needs. Galvanized chain link fencing can be turned into a privacy fence with the addition of vinyl slats. Chain link fences are still one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to provide security and access control.
Galvanized chain link fence Materials:
The main materials of Galvanized Chain Link Fences are galvanized wire and stainless steel wire.
Treatment: Electro galvanized and hot-dipped galvanized. Hot-dipped wire is more durable than electro wire.The zinc rate of hot-dipped wire is 30 -350g/㎡ and the zinc rate of electro wire is 4g-15g/㎡. So you can see the difference and now I am sure you totally know which one you should choose.
Galvanized chain link fence Advantages:
* Galvanized Chain Link Fence is long lasting and weather resistant.
* Galvanized Chain Link Fence provides optional security and protection.
* Galvanized Chain Link Fence is easily customized for special jobs.
* Galvanized Chain Link Fence has great flexibility for variety of applications.
* Galvanized Chain Link Fence is available in a variety of dimensions and styles, as suited to your needs.
Galvanized chain link fence Application:
1、Galvanized chain link fence is widely used in construction, industrial and agricultural:
2、the fences is always used as barriers on the yard or garden;
3、Galvanized chain link fence can separate bulk materials in construction;
4、Tt can be used as exterior and interior trim before plastering.
5、It is also used for poultry fencing, galvanized chain link fence is a kind of chew proofing fence, and it suitable for big dog cage. If you use polyvinyl fence, dog may chews the polyvinyl.
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