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Art Pattern Punching Series

Punch Decorative Panel

Material: Aluminum plate, Low carbon steel plate, Stainless steel plate, Copper plate, Wood plate, Plastic plate, etc.

Technology: Punching and laser engraving

Hole shape: Diamond, square, round, triangle, Scales hole,HYF-LXWJ, Concave and convex hole, Thermal and other different shapes hole

Application: Ceiling, Separation, Curtain wall, Handrail, Spiral stair and so on.

Punching decorative plate is made of the metal plate with the different holes by punching and laser engraving. It matches up with the light and shadow, which is suitable for many occasions.And these plates meet the architect’s special design philosophy. It have been a new favorite of decoration and buildings.

The product’s features are green, environmental protection, recycling, which is echoed by the theme of International Environment and Development.This product improves the quality of living environment and used in curtain wall and construction interior decoration more and more. Now matter in the indoor and outdoor, it has the best expression.

The laser cutting art punching series is our new product. This is a new technology product in the field of stamping in China. This product deserves exquisite craftsmanship and collection. As long as there are drawings or photos, our engineers can process perforated art designs and create perforated art effects for perfect stamping techniques. If you don't have drawings, don't worry, as long as there is a design concept, our experienced technicians can design drawings to give you the choice as your idea. Currently we have a range of products, mainly including people, landscapes, animals, flowers, buildings, etc.

The product can custom as your requirement. Punching is not only a technique, but also a art. Eclectic design perfectly show personality and taste of punching art style.

Architecture punched metal:

Integration of environment and human nature,the combination of aesthetic concept and boundless creativity.Every architectural work is full of design philosophy and essence.

Punching art design-Let the building is full of artistic breath!

Pattern Punching is used in curtain wall , separation ,screen etc, which can design pattern according to architectural details design and structure.It show architectural artistry and make space more stereoscopic and fashionable.

Landscape punched metal:

Specific material ,colorful test , perfect punching technique, all kinds of combination, in flexible hole shape design and uniform scenic outline structure to show a unparalleled and unified paysage.

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