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Temporary Fence Australia And New Zealand

Temporary Fencing For Australia

1. Temporary fence Material:
Hot dipped galvanize iron
2. Surface treatment: Hot dipped galvanized
3. Surface color: Silver
4. Processing
Pre hot dip gal. wire drawing--- cut wire ---wire welded---cut the corners of the mesh---Pre hot dip gal. pipes(ends of the horizontal pipes are smashed) welded—polish the welds—paint anti-rust epoxy—spray sliver powder coat on each welds—stacking—packaging
5. Applications
China temporary fence sales has many Applications:
(1) Commercial Construction Sites
(2) Domestic Housing Sites
(3) Pool construction
(4) Sporting events
(5) Special events
(6) Concerts / Parades
(7) Local Council Work Sites

(8) Crowd control

6. The popular Specifications

Height 1800mm. 1900mm. 2000mm .2100mm .2200mm .2300mm
Length 2100mm .2200mm .2300mm .2400mm. 2500mm. 3000mm
Frame OD32. DO38. OD42 .OD48. OD60
Infill Mesh 50X50. 60X60. 75X75. 50X150. 60X150 .75X150
Diameter 3mm,3.5mm 4.0mm 4.5mm 5.0mm
Finished Hot Dipped Galvanized

7. Advantages
(1) Easy to operate
(2) Easy to handle
(3) Wide range of usage
(4) good-looking Appearance
(5) Resistant to corrosion
(6) attractive in price and quality
(7) Environmentally friendly

(8) Convenient

Temporary Fencing For Australia

8. Packing
LCL: packed with plastic film then on the pallets
FCL: On steel pallet or in bulk and then into container.
Other special package according to customers' requirements
9.Product Details
Temporary Fencing For Australia
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