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Temporary Fence Canada And American

Temporary Fence For Canada And America

1. Surface treatment: powder coated
2. Color: green,yellow,red , blue etc
3. Processing
prepare straightened and cut pipes--weld wire mesh--weld wire mesh and pipe together--smooth welding spots--powder coating--final fence products
4. Application
The temporary construction fence is widely used in construction sites, temporary protection, major sports events or activities, temporary isolation, quarantine sation with the airport, a large playground etc.
5. Specification

Canada Temporary Fence Specification
Wire diameter 3.00mm - 5.00mm
Opening 50 x 100mm,50*150mm, 60 x 120mm & 100 x 300mm
Height 1.2M,1.5M,1.8M,2.1M
Length 2.4M,2.5M,2.7M,3.0M
Length 2.4M,2.5M,2.7M,3.0M
Frame &
Middle pipe
30x30x2mm, 30x30x1.5mm, 25x25x2mm, 25x25x1.5mm & 20x20x2mm, etc
Feet 863mm x 89mm x 7mm
Popular Canada Temporary Fence type
Dimensions 3000*1800mm (W*H)
Wire diameter 4.0mm
Opening 50*100mm
Frame O.D. 25*25mm
Middle horizontal pipe O.D. 20*20mm
Block 900*80*7mm
Color dark green, yellow, red, blue, and other ral colors

6. Packing
(1) pallets are wraped with bubble film to avoid the pallet destroyed the panels;
(2) 4 panel corners packed with steel angle to keep the pallet more strong;
(3) There is plastic bandage to reduce the apressure of fence panels;
(4) There is wooden plate besides each pallet which can protect the fence panels from being crushed by other pallets.
7. Product Details

As a big China Temporary Fence supplier,Shengmai produce the highest quality temporary fence,our products are recognized by more and more people. You can rest assured that you can buy them.

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